New protections for inmates who were abused

The U.S. Federal Government has long had an issue with cases of sexual assault in its prison system, and finally, it is taking initial steps to make its victims whole.

The United States Sentencing Commission adopted a set of amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in 2023, going into effect on November 1, which include new protections for inmates who have been sexually assaulted or abused by correctional officers or other prison staff.

Specifically, those inmates can now be eligible for sentence reductions.

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Role of the USSC in sentencing

The USSC is responsible for setting guidelines that dictate sentencing in federal courts. These guidelines are intended to provide a uniform and fair approach to sentencing, considering various factors including the severity of the crime and the defendant’s background.

Overview of the new protections

This amendment specifically addresses the plight of prisoners who have suffered abuse or assault at the hands of prison staff. It opens up avenues for early release or sentence modifications for these victims, recognizing the severe impact of such experiences.

Impact and importance

By acknowledging and addressing this issue, the amendments offer a measure of justice and protection to a vulnerable group within the prison population. It’s a significant step in ensuring that the rights and dignity of inmates are upheld as guaranteed under the Constitution.

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Published November 10, 2023.