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Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Robert M Helfend

If you have been charged with a crime, you need the peace of mind that your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney has what it takes to preserve your freedom.

Robert M. Helfend is a trusted veteran of the Los Angeles Courts, with more than 30 years experience fighting for the rights of the accused. In that time, he has successfully defended more than 4,000 cases, from simple drug possession to major felony trials and Federal crimes.

Mr. Helfend is known for his thorough attention to detail and the skillful defenses he brings to the Courtroom. He is a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Attorney, a Lead Counsel Attorney, a SuperLawyers Rated Attorney and an Expert Network Distinguished Attorney. A skillful and confident communicator, as he builds and defends a case, Mr. Helfend proactively works to keep his clients apprised of their rights and options, helping to put their minds at ease during this anxious time.

Nobody ever plans on winding up in a courtroom. It can be frightening to find yourself facing criminal charges, and it can be disruptive to your day-to-day life. However, when you work with Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Robert M. Helfend, you gain the benefit of an attorney you know will protect your future rights and freedoms. Call today for your free case evaluation – 800-834-6434.

More than 30 Years Defending Los Angeles

Mr. Helfend has defended thousands of cases: Everything from misdemeanor drug crimes to homicides. He’s cross-examined hundreds of so-called “expert witnesses,” and he is prepared to challenge any scientific evidence that the prosecution brings to court.

It’s your criminal defense attorney’s job to put his expertise to work for you, and Mr. Helfend has earned a reputation as an aggressive, skilled and talented attorney. In fact, he has been recognized numerous times as one of the top defense attorneys in Los Angeles.

There are hundreds of criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles — each making their own claims about guaranteed results and aggressive defense — but the proof is in the pudding. The following is partial list of results Mr. Helfend has secured for his clients:

  • Attempted Murder – Client was accused of passing a firearm to his co-defendant just prior to the co-defendant shooting the victim. At the preliminary hearing, Mr. Helfend artfully coaxes the victim to exonerate his client of his involvement in the shooting. CASE DISMISSED.
  • Child molestation – The client was accused of 13 counts of child molestation. HUNG JURY.
  • Murder – An eyewitness identified client as the individual responsible for shooting her boyfriend. After a five-day trial, the jury could not reach a verdict, and Mr. Helfend’s client was charged with voluntary manslaughter and given credit for time served.
  • Federal Drug Crimes – Client charged with arranging an over-the-phone deal to sell 2 lb of methamphetamine. Facing life in prison if convicted. Mr. Helfend met with the U.S. attorney and challenged the evidence being used in the case, successfully negotiating a plea to only nine months in a halfway house (to keep him employed) and another nine months under house arrest.

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Being accused of a crime is stressful, and it can trickle into your personal and professional life. Acquaintances can distance themselves, and the accusations against you can lead to professional consequences. 

Depending on the allegations you are facing, those consequences can last for years or even the rest of your life. It’s no time to take it easy. You deserve to work with an attorney who will fight relentlessly for your Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

No matter the allegations against you, the law offices of Robert M. Helfend do not discriminate. Mr. Helfend defends both misdemeanor and felony charges, including particularly difficult charges like:

The scope of Mr. Helfend’s practice encompasses all ranges of crimes prosecuted by the State of California and the Federal Government. He is also skilled at defending white-collar crimes like embezzlement, grand theft and fraud.

No matter what your background, circumstances or situation might be, Mr. Helfend is prepared to defend your case. At the law offices of Robert M. Helfend, you will find a welcoming staff ready to assist you.