Money laundering is a federal crime in which an individual or group of individuals transfers money under the appearance of an acceptable business transaction. Because the cause and / or purpose of laundered money goes against federal law, money laundering is always an illegal behavior. Money laundering can almost be guaranteed for a high-scale crime and criminal activity that occurs across national borders.

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The first segment of money laundering is placement. This is the initial act whereby the money is illegally transferred. The second segment is layering. In this segment, money launderers isolate the money so it is no longer associated with source. The purpose of layering is to cover the tracks, so to speak, of the money. The third segment of money laundering is integration, which is how the criminals use the money. The transaction usually looks acceptable to all outward appearances and can sometimes remain undetected for a time.

There are several different modes of money laundering. A person may be accused of dividing a large sum of money into smaller portions in order to make deposits of more normal amounts. If a person is regularly depositing large amounts of money, the bank will most likely become suspicious of this activity and investigate. Law enforcement is also on high alert for this type of activity occurring online.

Money Laundering Attorney Defending The Accused in Los Angeles, California

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