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    Criminal Defense Attorney Free Consultation

    If you have been charged with a crime, it’s critically important that you begin building your defense as soon as possible.

    Prosecutors and investigators are aggressive. In fact, it’s their job to be. They diligently and quickly collect evidence, and depending on the facts of the case, will attempt to use it against you to push for plea bargains or quick favorable judgments.

    It might not be worth it to retain a lawyer in some cases. You might be able to work through the judicial system without an attorney.

    However, the best thing you can do at this point is talk with an attorney who is skilled in criminal law and can review your case and discuss your options.

    30+ years representing Los Angeles, CA

    Attorney Robert M. Helfend has practiced exclusively in criminal law since 1984, successfully defending thousands of cases — everything from simple misdemeanors to federal charges.

    Mr. Helfend knows just how aggressive prosecutors can be, and he is prepared to carefully review the facts of your case and challenge the prosecution every step of the way. Facing criminal charges can be an anxious time, but Mr. Helfend will frankly and honestly communicate with you throughout the way, advising you of your options.

    Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

    Robert M. Helfend serves clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, with offices conveniently located in Culver City, Santa Monica, Ventura and Malibu.

    Contact us 24/7 for a quick response and legal help.

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