Securities Fraud Defense Attorney

Are you currently facing criminal charges or even a preliminary investigation regarding securities fraud? Stockbrokers are at risk of facing securities fraud allegations in various situations, as are others that deal with these complex trades: accountants, promoters and traders. No matter the particular circumstances of your case or your particular needs, it is important to consider discussing the matter with an attorney.

I have been representing defendants in the greater LA area and nationwide since 1984. I have extensive experience in handling federal charges such as securities fraud and have the resources to handle your case. Find out for yourself how I can protect your assets, your career and your freedom. Call my offices and schedule a confidential consultation and review of your case. I will offer you an honest assessment of the matter to see how I can help.

Types of Security Fraud

“Mr. Helfend absolutely saved my bacon. After finding myself charged with fraud, I was terrified. I have never been introduced to the legal system from this side before, and it was unsettling. However, Robert was able to calm me down and help me figure out my situation. He even got the case dropped before trial! I don’t want to be in another situation where I need a criminal defense lawyer, but if I ever am, I know who I will call!”
Pete, CA

With my experience in handling federal charges and complex white collar cases of this kind, I can handle virtually any type of securities fraud case. This may include allegations of:

  • Unauthorized trades – making trades without the client’s permission (unless explicitly allowed per a written contract or agreement).
  • Unsuitability – making investments that are not right for the client’s particular needs, or making investments without informing the client of the risk involved.
  • Churning – selling or purchasing securities to gain excess commission.
  • Over-concentration – placing a vast majority of a client’s funds in one investment.
  • Creating illegal accounts – creating a fake account or putting a client’s funds into one’s own account.

I also handle cases related to misleading or fraudulent sales practices, Ponzi schemes, penny stocks, stock embezzlement and insider trading.

With investigators from the Securities and Exchange Commission breathing down your neck, you need to seek immediate guidance and protection. Call my Los Angeles law firm today to see how I can help with your case. If I can get involved early enough, I may be able to help you avoid formal charges entirely.

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