Experienced and Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Being accused or charged with a criminal charge can be intimidating and embarrassing. There is no better comfort than having an aggressive and experienced attorney on your side.

Combating the law and prosecution is a sophisticated and troublesome procedure. You should not attempt to handle complicated legal matters without the support of a professional, qualified and highly skilled attorney. The process of finding a defense lawyer can seem endless and exasperating. Finding a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles with experience is crucial because it shows that your attorney has used their knowledge of the law in real courtroom situations. Finding an attorney with proven case victories is equally as important as experience. Proven case victories are a sign that your attorney has been successful in the past, putting their experience to work. I have some great resources available for criminal defense procedures.

“Robert Helfend is one of the best criminal defense attorneys I’ve ever worked with. He was so knowledgeable, and always made sure I understood everything every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants an understanding, caring, and truly helpful lawyer.”Pat, CA

I have been a criminal defense attorney practicing in the Los Angeles area for over 31 years. My exceptional experience has led to numerous case victories. I have handled a wide range of cases from misdemeanors to more serious accusations of fraud, DUI, drug crimes, murder, robbery and federal crimes.

Have you been arrested? Are you facing an investigation by state or federal law enforcement? Now is the time to act. Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who can provide you with the aggressive defense of your legal rights while offering you practical guidance and personalized client service. Getting a clear understanding of your charges, your legal rights, and your options is exactly what you need to do to make the right choices for your case. We are conveniently located on Washington Blvd in Los Angeles.

Areas of Practice

As an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney, I provide criminal defense counsel to clients in state and federal courts in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. You can take this opportunity to review the helpful information on this site to learn more about the specific types of criminal cases I handle. I also welcome you to contact my offices online for a confidential review of your case. Click on any of the links below:

  • Arson

    California’s two categories of arson offenses, malicious arson and reckless burning, both carry harsh penalties. Learn more about California’s Arson Laws.

  • Assault With a Deadly Weapon

    State law defines a deadly weapon as any object that is capable of “producing great bodily injury,” and a conviction could carry jail times as high as four years. Learn more about “Simple Assault” in California.

  • Burglary

    Breaking and entering can lead to a felony charge and conviction if you are found guilty. It can also result in a strike on your record. Typically someone breaks into another person’s home in order to commit theft, but California law also prosecutes “Auto Burglary” as well.

  • Child Pornography

    Child pornography charges can be made for possession, distribution, sale, and a number of other activities that involve inappropriate sexual pictures or videos of children. Interpol defined child pornography in 1999 as “any means of depicting or promoting sexual abuse of a child, including print and / or audio, centered on sex acts or the genital organs of children.” Learn more about California’s child pornography laws.

  • Domestic Violence

    Abusive behaviors inside the home are harshly penalized in the courts. Spousal and child abuse convictions could lead to jail time, restraining orders, or worse. Domestic violence typically includes throwing, biting, kicking, hitting, making threats, intimidation, stalking, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. Learn more about kidnapping and stalking/harassment charges.

  • Drug Crimes

    State and national law enforcement officers are coming down hard on all types of drugs, from marijuana to cocaine and everything in between. Drug crimes include possession, manufacturing, distribution, and drug trafficking. Learn more about California’s Methamphetamine Laws and specific “Sale of Methamphetamine” charges.

  • DUI Defense

    Field sobriety tests and devices used to determine a person’s intoxication level at the time of arrest are not always accurate. A skilled attorney can review the results of your arrest to determine how to best challenge the DUI allegations that have been made against you. Learn more about California’s DUI laws.

  • Federal Crimes

    Federal prosecutors are relentless in their pursuit to convict. If you have been accused of a federal crime, then you need to make sure that you have a defense attorney on your side who is just as relentless and aggressive when defending you.

  • Fraud

    A great number of circumstances can lead to fraudulent accusations. Some of these behaviors include tax evasion, check fraud, credit card fraud, bankruptcy fraud, internet fraud, and securities fraud. You need a lawyer who can expertly defend against any of these accusations.

  • Grand Theft

    Stealing any personal property valued above $400 falls into the category of grand theft. Grand theft charges are much more threatening and need to be skillfully represented by a criminal defense attorney.

  • Identity Theft

    The increase in activity online has led to many more allegations of fraudulent behaviors such as identity theft. This is true even in cases in which non-criminal activities may have occurred.

  • Insider Trading

    Persons accused of insider trading could face charges at two different levels: the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). You need a lawyer who knows how to represent you at each of these levels.

  • Internet Crimes

    With so many people taking to the computer and internet to complete transactions, communicate socially, and conduct business, there has been a national attempt to more-strictly regulate the activities that occur online. Stricter regulations are leading to an increase in criminal charges being filed.

  • Medical Marijuana

    Do not accept a plea bargain as a way to escape any accusations that have been made against you regarding medical marijuana use. This drug is perfectly legal when prescribed and approved by a medical physician, and you should not be penalized. Learn more about California’s Marijuana Laws.

  • Murder

    Allegations of murder can include those involving homicide or manslaughter and they are the most serious types of crime. It is important that you secure a criminal defense lawyer on your side immediately who can help you think through various defenses such as mistaken identity, self-defense, or defense of others. Learn more about California’s Knife Laws and Homicide Laws.

  • Robbery / Armed Robbery

    Robbery is a felony offense that could land you in prison for life if you are found guilty. Robbery is the taking or attempt to take another’s possession, which can be accompanied by force or intimidation. Learn more about California’s Robbery Laws.

  • Search and Seizure

    Law enforcement officers must have probable cause and a judge-issued warrant in order to search your belongings. Failure to follow these procedures is unlawful and can be taken to court.

  • Sex Crimes

    Mandatory registration as a sex offender will be the least of your worries if you are convicted of a sex crime in Los Angeles. If you are found guilty, then you will also be saddled with hefty fines and possible jail time. Learn more about California’s Rape Laws, Child Molestation, Oral Copulation With a Minor and Solicitation of a Prostitute.

  • Street Racing

    The Los Angeles area has a long, storied history with street racing. However, a street racing conviction could carry serious charges.

  • Three Strikes Law

    Mandatory life imprisonment awaits residents of California who are charged with their third felony offense. Make sure you protect yourself against this by hiring a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

  • Federal Child Pornography Charges

    Possessing, receiving, selling, distributing, transporting, mailing, advertising, and producing any form of sexually explicit material of a minor is seen as unlawful at the federal level. If you are accused of such a crime, then your case will be handled in the federal courts.

    Every case is different. The specific penalties that may be enforced and the approach that the prosecuting attorney will take vary depending on the nature of the charges, the defendant’s criminal record, and many other factors. With my experience in this field and an uncompromising commitment to client service combined with aggressive representation, I am confident in my ability to develop an innovative legal strategy that counters the government’s case against you head on, offering you an opportunity for a positive case outcome.

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