The federal government has broad and far-reaching powers to investigate and prosecute suspected cases of wire fraud.

Wire fraud refers to cases of fraud committed over electronic communication, such as the telephone, radio or e-mail. Penalties for wire fraud are steep, with convictions carrying prison sentences as high as 20 years.

Because of this, if you or someone you love has been accused of wire fraud, it’s important to speak with a federal criminal defense attorney who specializes in wire fraud cases. The attorney can help you build your defense and preserve your freedom.

What is Wire Fraud?

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The crime of wire fraud has three “elements,” which the prosecutor must prove to convict someone. There must be:

  1. A scheme to commit fraud;
  2. Use of wire, radio or television communication to further that scheme; and
  3. Specific intent to commit fraud.

Fraud, of course, is a crime with a lot of nuance. The federal government must prove you made a deceitful omission of material facts, caused a material loss, and many other things. This is also where working with an experienced wire fraud defense attorney can benefit you.

Next, the prosecutor must prove that you used any type of wire, radio or television medium to commit the fraud — this can be anything from a fax to telephone or e-mail.

And finally, the federal government must prove that you had “specific intent” to commit fraud. In other words, you had to know that you were participating in a fraud scheme and meant to go along with it.

Defenses Against Wire Fraud

Fortunately, there are a number of legal defenses you can use to fight wire fraud charges.

As we mentioned above, fraud is a crime with a lot of complexity and loopholes to it. A federal defense attorney specializing in wire fraud can work with the evidence in your case and the framework of federal law to get the best possible judgment for you.

The federal government is aggressive and thorough. It has seemingly endless resources to investigate and prosecute crimes, and it usually prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law. However, by working with an experienced attorney, you can tilt the scales back in your favor.

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