Torrance cold-case murder solved after 47 years
Torrance cold-case murder solved after 47 years

Torrance police announced that they had solved the 1972 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. Detectives used the same genealogical DNA technique used to identify the Golden State Killer. Previously, they had tested DNA samples in 2000 and 2015 with no luck.

The murder took place on Thanksgiving Day in 1972. The victim was kidnapped while she was riding her bike in front of her home. Two fishermen found her nearly nude body the next day on an isolated beach in Oxnard.

Detectives used DNA evidence collected from the victim’s body when it was discovered. They submitted the sample to a genealogical database and located a relative of the suspected murderer. They later identified the suspect as Jake Edward Brown, also known as Thomas Tracy Burum. The suspect, who died in 2003, had subsequent arrests for drug crimes, robbery and two sexual assaults.

Using the evidence recovered from the victim, an Arizona court authorized the exhumation of the suspect’s body. The first two attempts to extract useable DNA failed. However, a Florida-based DNA testing company was able to extract useable DNA from a bone and positively identified the man as the murderer in the Torrance case.

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