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Robert Helfend

Criminal defendants can make considerable mistakes that can significantly harm their cases. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that criminal defendants often make:

1. Hiring an inexperienced criminal defense attorney

Many times the accused will hire an inexperienced criminal defense attorney simply because the lawyer is low-priced. Others may hire attorneys who make promises of the outcome of their cases and cannot deliver. An effective criminal defense counsel requires the proper experience. Our criminal defense attorneys‘ impeccable track record speaks for itself. Avoid making assumptions of a lawyer’s qualifications without researching the criminal defense attorney’s legal ability and trial skills.

2. Divulging information

This is a common mistake among suspects of a criminal investigation. One should never talk to the police or anyone else about the facts of their potential case without a criminal defense attorney being present. People may want to believe that talking to police will help them, but it ends up hurting them in the end. Just give authorities your identifying information!

3. The presumption of guilt

Our constitution provides that all accused are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Some individuals enter the courtroom feeling guilty which is a grave mistake. The burden of proving guilt lies entirely on the state and thus one is considered innocent until the state proves otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. Exude confidence when in the courtroom.

4. Contempt of court

Criminal defendants may, at times, disrespect or disregard the authority of a court due to frustration or the stress associated with the case. Failure to comply with a court order, arrogance, being under the influence or late can make one’s case worse. Judges may make your attorney’s job more difficult due to your perceived disrespect!

5. Failure to prepare for a criminal case

A criminal defense attorney and his/her client should work together in scrutinizing the reports and identifying weaknesses that may be exploited for a defense. Get to know everything there is to know about the nature of your case with the help of your attorney.

Contact our qualified criminal defense attorney to help in avoiding these mistakes as we share copies of all materials associated with your matter and reviews these materials with you. We fight hard for your rights and freedom.

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