Three Arrested For 2013 LA Murder
Three Arrested For 2013 LA Murder
Three men have been arrested in connection with a murder in East LA. Gabriel Soto, 21, was from Los Angeles but attended the University of Missouri on a football scholarship. He returned home for spring break and was attending a party with high school football teammates when the murder occurred.

Detectives worked the case for more than two years, asking for tips and information, but were unable to make any arrests. In November, Soto’s family made a public plea for information regarding the murder, and police received enough information to identify the shooters. As a result, Jonathon Gonzalez, 28, Roque Solis, 30, and Anthony Gabriel, 25, were charged with murder in connection with Soto’s death. Investigators do not believe that Soto or any other guests at the party knew the shooters, and have found nothing to suggest that the shooters knew or were specifically targeting Soto or anyone else at the party.

Murder suspects face other charges

In addition to murder, the arrested suspects also face an attempted murder charge and assault with a deadly weapon for wounding another guest at the party. Police indicated that the suspects may have a gang affiliation, but stressed that the victims were just friends from high school who were visiting with Soto.

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