Theft Targeting Long Beach Woman Leads To Three Arrests
Theft Targeting Long Beach Woman Leads To Three Arrests
Three people face charges of grand theft after targeting older Hispanic women in several Southern California cities. One woman approached potential victims claiming to have a winning lottery ticket. She told the mark that she needed $15,000 in cash to pay the taxes on the windfall. If the victim would agree to provide cash up front, the winner would share a portion of the proceeds from the victim.

The second participant in the scam pretended to help the “winner” by making a cash contribution. The third participant in the scam pretended to work with California Lottery and “validated” the winning ticket over the phone. Following the arrests, police also discovered that the third participant is also suspected of operating a similar scam in San Diego.

The trio spent hours traveling through El Monte, Long Beach, North Hollywood, Ontario, Pacoima and San Fernando looking for victims. Once they found a mark, the “winner” would take the mark to her bank or back to her home to retrieve cash or valuables. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department discovered the scam and observed the trio over several days before arresting them.

They face charges of grand theft and theft from an elder. If convicted, the three participants could face as much as four years in prison.

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