Theft Ring from Los Angeles Busted in Simi Valley
Theft Ring from Los Angeles Busted in Simi Valley
Four Los Angeles residents face charges of theft after the California Highway Patrol arrested them. According to police in Simi Valley, they began investigating the team for organized retail theft last August. The group targeted Rite Aid, Walgreen’s and CVS stores in the area, taking thousands of dollars in merchandise.

According to police, the crew is suspected in nearly 60 similar thefts in Southern and Central California. They had just conducted a series of heists in Bakersfield, when CHP and Ventura County officers arrested them. At the time of their arrests, they had about $5,000 in stolen merchandise from Bakersfield with them. Among the stolen items were over the counter medications and cosmetics.

All four suspects reside in the Los Angeles area. Police arrested them in Hollywood as they traveled back from Bakersfield.

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The California Penal Code, section 490.4 defines organized retail theft as a crime, making it illegal to “coordinate, organize, entice, aid, act as an agent, receive stolen property, or act in concert with another for the purposes of carrying out a theft from a merchants premises or online marketplace.”
Depending upon the circumstances of the crime, you could face either felony or misdemeanor charges. A felony conviction can net as many as 3 years in prison. A misdemeanor can result in a year in a county jail and a $1,000 fine.

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