Theft Charges Hit Fake Hollywood Hills Realtor
Theft Charges Hit Fake Hollywood Hills Realtor
A Los Angeles man faces theft charges after investigators found a huge stash of luxury goods swiped from celebrities.

Authorities arrested the man in September after finding jewelry, art, wine, cash and other items reported stolen from 13 homes. According to police, the thefts took place in 2017 and 2018 in Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills. They’re also working with police agencies in other areas of the state, and in New York for additional victims.

The man posed as either a prospective home-buyer or a high-end real estate agent. He specifically targeted homes for sale and made arrangements with owners to “show” the house. In other cases, he appeared at the homes during open houses staged by realtors. In one case, the man knew the victim.

Police connected the man to the thefts after finding his name on several sign-in sheets where thefts had taken place. Several well-known celebrities fell victim to the scam. Authorities estimate that the suspect swiped millions of dollars from the victims. To assist victims identify their stolen goods, the District Attorney set up a website displaying the recovered items.

Hollywood Hills theft lawyer

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