Theft of $120,000 Linked To LASD Trainee
Theft of $120,000 Linked To LASD Trainee
A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department trainee faces grand
theft related to an ATM heist.

According to investigators, the trainee worked as a security guard for an armored car company. Two weeks before he joined the Sheriff’s Office, he apparently robbed an ATM in Newhall. In addition, investigators suspect the man also committed an arson in early December.

The department discovered information about the man during standard background checks the department conducts on trainees. The information suggested that the man may have been involved in the ATM crime. The man robbed the ATM after the department conducted the man’s background check, but before he began the program.

Deputies secured a search warrant for the man’s home. They recovered the majority of the $120,000 stolen in the ATM robbery. Prosecutors have charged the man with grand theft, embezzlement and arson. The man had completed about two months of the program at the time of his arrest.

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