Sex crimes laws have changed in California
Sex crimes laws have changed in California
Thanks to a host of bills passed last year, a number of changes to laws regarding sex crimes have taken place. Most notably, California eliminated its statute of limitations on sexual assault. Prior to the passage of the Justice for Victims Act, sexual assault was subject to a 10-year window for prosecution, unless DNA evidence was available.

Convicted sex offenders are now required to disclose their email addresses and screen names as part of the registration process. Another negative development for registered sex offenders is that they can no longer work as drivers for transportation services like Uber and Lyft. The law, which was passed in September 2016 and took effect on January 1 also prohibits those same companies from hiring people with convictions for violent felonies and drunk driving convictions within the previous seven years.

California now requires mandatory incarceration for offenders convicted of the sexual assault of an unconscious or intoxicated person. That legislation was passed in response to the public outcry generated by the Brock Turner case.

The legislature restored the ability of prosecutors to seek felony charges against persons found in possession of certain so-called “date-rape” drugs, if they can also demonstrate that the person intended to commit a sexual assault. Proposition 47 had limited their ability to seek felony convictions.

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2016 demonstrated that the Legislature is intent on making life increasingly difficult on convicted sex offenders, even after they’ve paid their debts to society. Sex crimes convictions have never been more dangerous in California than they are today. The prospect of unemployment, homelessness, ongoing monitoring and reporting requirements following release and mandatory sentencing – regardless of the circumstances of the conviction – all underscore the risk of being convicted of sex crimes.

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