Sex crimes convict arrested in cold case
Sex crimes convict arrested in cold case
A man who served time for sex crimes now faces murder charges in a decades-old homicide. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man, now 65, for a murder that took place in 1980.

According to police, advances in DNA technology, and what they termed as a “series of coincidences” led police to the suspect. Although the case had gone cold, detectives periodically reviewed it.

Law enforcement officials had previously collected the suspect’s DNA following a 1981 arrest for a sexual assault. Although the charges were dropped in that case, he was subsequently arrested and convicted for a different rape. He served more than eight years in prison for that conviction. Following his release, he married and began working in construction. Police arrested the suspect, who lives in San Pedro, at his home.

Investigators say they do not have the evidence to prove that the murder victim was sexually assaulted, but they have the suspect’s DNA on evidence left on the victim’s body. The victim, who was pregnant at the time of her death, was 20 years old. Her nearly nude body was discovered on a beach the day after her husband reported her missing.

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