Sex Crimes Charges Against Les Moonves Not Planned
Sex Crimes Charges Against Les Moonves Not Planned
The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office says it will not pursue sex crimes charges against CBS CEO Les Moonves. The DA’s office cited the statute of limitations in its decision. California recently eliminated its statute of limitations on some sex crimes. Since the incidents took place in the 1980’s, a 10-year statute of limitations applied to them.

An unidentified woman made claims regarding a series of sexual assaults by Moonves, dating back to the mid-1980’s. The woman and Moonves both worked for Lorimar at the time of the incidents. The accuser claimed that Moonves assaulted her multiple times in 1986 and 1988 when she worked for CBS. According to investigators, the woman told a friend about the assaults a year before she reported it to police.

The Los Angeles allegations came to light after a New Yorker article advanced claims of sexual harassment by six women. The women claimed that their careers suffered after they rejected Moonves’ advances. According to the New Yorker article, the incidents occurred between the 1980’s and mid-2000’s. It’s not clear whether the New Yorker allegations included the assaults the LAPD investigated.

The Board of Directors at CBS has authorized an independent investigation into claims against Moonves. They declined, however, to suspend him or relieve him of his duties pending the outcome.

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