Securities fraud suspected arrested at Los Angeles airport
Securities fraud suspected arrested at Los Angeles airport
Authorities arrested a man suspected of securities fraud at the Los Angeles International Airport. He now faces charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The man’s sister also faces charges of wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering.

Federal prosecutors in New York say the siblings orchestrated a massive cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Known as OneCoin, the fraud purported to be a multi-billion-dollar cryptocurrency company. In reality it was nothing but a scam.

Investigators say that the pair initiated the scam in 2014 and enticed investors to give the company their money. OneCoin investors received commissions for recruiting other investors into the scam. According to the FBI, between late 2014 and 2016, the conspirators amassed more than $3B in investor funds. Emails between one defendant and an unnamed co-conspirator show that the writer understood that their commission model was unsustainable. It also directly appealed to “greedy” investors. The defendant also claimed to be able to manipulate the exchange to change the cryptocurrency’s worth.

Initially, the sister ran the fraud, but she disappeared in 2017 and remains out of custody. At that time, the brother took over the company’s operations. He traveled worldwide soliciting investors in the OneCoin scheme. The company itself is based in Bulgaria, and the defendants are Russian citizens. The pair perpetuated the fraud by providing investors with phony documentation about the currency’s actual worth.

The fraud gained the attention of law enforcement agencies around the world. While the brother remains jailed in the United States, authorities continue to look for his sister.

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