Securities Fraud Plea Leads Montecito Man to Prison
Securities Fraud Plea Leads Montecito Man to Prison
A 72-year-old Montecito man pleaded guilty to securities fraud charges. Prosecutors say the man defrauded investors by promising to buy shares of stock in major corporations before their IPOs.

Additionally, the man sold shares of a fictitious $1B estate to investors as part of a second scam. In that scheme, the man told investors that they could see returns of as much as 1,000% once a probate court approved the estate transfer. The man collected more than $750,000 from would-be investors.

Prosecutors said that the man solicited nearly $5M from investors between October 2010 and October 2015. A federal grand jury indicted the man in February 2018 with 13 counts of fraud and eight counts of contempt of court.

The man will return to court on August 26 for sentencing. At that time, he could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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