Securities Fraud Charges for CA Couple
Securities Fraud Charges for CA Couple
A California couple is facing securities fraud charges filed against them by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Charles C. Liu and Xin “Lisa” Wang, of Laguna Niguel, are accused of defrauding Chinese investors of more than $27 million.

According to federal investigators, Liu and Wang told their investors that they were raising money to build a proton beam radiation therapy facility in Southern California. In addition to creating thousands of jobs, the pair told investors that their investment would give them preferential residency status if they wanted to pursue it in the future. Liu and Wang claimed that investors would qualify for residency under the EB-5 program, which provides green cards for foreign nationals who invest at least $1M and create 10 or more jobs in the United States.

The couple began collecting investments in 2004, although there is no evidence that they intended to build a medical treatment facility. Instead, the couple used the money to invest in firms in China, and transferred at least $7M of investor funds to their own personal accounts. The SEC will seek full restitution with interest on behalf of the defrauded investors.

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