Securities fraud charges dropped in Ponzi case
Securities fraud charges dropped in Ponzi case
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge dropped the charges against a Valencia woman accused of securities fraud. Michelle Seward and Dror Soref initially faced 8 dozen counts of fraud, selling unregistered securities and defrauding via a securities transaction.

The case stems from an investigation into a 2009 investment operation for a never-produced movie, “Not Forgotten.” Prosecutors characterized the investment as a Ponzi scheme. Earlier this year, Seward agreed to return more than $1.1 million in investor funds. More than 40 investors initially agreed to fund the movie production.

The repayments represent commissions Seward earned on allegedly fraudulent transactions. Prosecutors claim that Seward and Soref promised double-digit returns to investors and minimized the potential risk. The same court dropped the charges against Soref earlier this year.

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