Santa Clarita Coach Accused of Sex Crimes
Santa Clarita Coach Accused of Sex Crimes
A former Santa Clarita youth basketball coach facessex crimes charges. Prosecutors charged the Orange County man with 15 sexual offenses, including committing lewd acts on a child. The court arraigned the suspect in February. According to investigators, the suspect coached students at several schools in the William S. Hart Union High School District. He also coached students at a local private school.

Initially, the man faced sex-related charges. Later, prosecutors added one additional charge. Currently, the man faces 8 charges of sexual battery and 6 counts of committing lewd acts on a child. He also faces a single count of possessing child pornography. Police say they have identified as many as nine victims dating back to 2008. According to investigators the victims ranged in age between 14 and 17. The assaults took place over nearly a decade, but none occurred on school properties. If convicted, the man faces as much as 14 years in prison.

Santa Clarita sex crimes attorney

Convictions for sexual offenses have a long, painful impact on your life. In most cases, offenders must register for life on the state’s sex offender registry. This status follows you around, regardless of where you move. When you face charges for sexual offenses, hire an experienced sex crimes attorney like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense. He takes sex crimes cases in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California.

Many criminal defense attorneys don’t want to take sex offense cases. Mr. Helfend does not judge his clients based on the charges against them. Instead, he simply works hard to get the charges against them reduced or dropped.

Reducing the severity and number of charges can have a major positive impact on the outcome of your case. It may or may not impact registration requirements, but it can reduce or eliminate incarceration. Don’t assume that you have no options when you’re facing charges for sex-related offenses. Work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can make a positive difference in your case.

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