North Hollywood DUI Arrest Cases Rise in 2015
North Hollywood DUI Arrest Cases Rise in 2015
North Hollywood and the Olympic Division of the LAPD have logged the city’s highest number of DUI arrest cases in Los Angeles this year. Between January 1 and October 24, LAPD made 1,995 DUI arrest reports citywide. North Hollywood accounted for 146 DUI arrest reports or 7.3% of the citywide total. The Olympic Division made 126 DUI arrest reports, or 6.3% of the city’s total. These figures show an increase in DUI arrest cases of 10% over 2014.

DUI Arrest Can Be Costly

Through October 24, the LAPD reports that there were 63 DUI-related crashes, and 17 DUI-related fatalities in the city. In January, the California Highway Patrol indicated that its DUI arrest rate had doubled over the holiday period. The message to drivers is clear: through stepped-up enforcement, you risk arrest if you drive drunk in Los Angeles.

In 2014, the California Department of Motor Vehicles estimated that a first-time DUI arrest could result in expenses that exceed $45,000 when all cost factors related to the arrest are taken into account. Aside from fines levied after conviction on a DUI offense, the DMV estimate also included the increased cost of insurance premiums following the arrest, as well as charges associated with driver remediation classes, increased fees, enforcement costs, license reinstatement costs and the cost of a DUI defense.

The bottom line is that a DUI arrest can be extremely expensive. The DMV estimate did not include lost income that may result from jail time following an arrest. It’s also important to note that both consequences and costs increase with subsequent convictions.

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