Murder Suspect Arrested in Leimert Park Homicides
Murder Suspect Arrested in Leimert Park Homicides
Los Angeles authorities arrested a woman suspected of committing a triple murder in Leimert Park last month. According to investigators, the woman was a houseguest of one of the victims. Authorities say she killed the man and his elderly parents, after his mother asked the woman to move out.

The victims included Phillip White, a retired probation officer, his mother and her husband. White suffered from multiple sclerosis. Because of his disability, his mother acted as his legal guardian. One of White’s sons discovered the scene, after failing to make contact with his father numerous times. The son went to his father’s house to investigate and saw his father’s body through a window. The victims suffered blunt force trauma. White and his mother also had gunshot wounds.

Police arrested the houseguest a day after the bodies were found. Investigators identified her as a “material witness” and arrested her shortly thereafter. Initially, they did not call her a suspect, but indicated that they were concerned for her safety.

Investigators said that nothing appeared to have been taken from the house, noting that valuables and keys remained untouched. White lived in the house for more than 40 years. According to friends of the victim, the victim and suspect knew each other. The suspect recently sought White’s assistance with temporary housing. She intended to move to Las Vegas, but suddenly changed her plans and refused to leave White’s house. Investigators did not say what may have prompted the victim to turn on her host.

The suspect will return to court for arraignment next month. She faces three counts of first-degree murder and special allegation of multiple murders. Prosecutors have not yet determined whether to seek the death penalty in this case.

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