Murder Conviction in Pasadena Cold Case
Murder Conviction in Pasadena Cold Case
A Pasadena jury convicted a man of murder in a case that dates back to 1988. According to prosecutors, Albert Ahmad Clark fatally shot Leroy Galloway near Lake Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard. Galloway was selling jewelry out of his van when Clark allegedly killed him. Police did not provide a motive for the attack.

Pasadena police identified Clark as a suspect and then arrested him. Authorities released him in 1989, because they had insufficient evidence to link him to the shooting. In 2013, members of Galloway’s family asked the Pasadena police to review the case. Forensic advances allowed investigators to positively tie Clark to the crime. Police arrested Clark in December 2015, and he has been incarcerated since that time.

The jury heard the case and returned its verdict earlier this month. Prosecutors won a first-degree murder conviction, and a special allegation that Clark personally used a handgun to commit the attack. Clark will return to court on January 10 for sentencing. He could face as much as 32 years in prison on the conviction.

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