Murder Conviction for Hollywood Slaying
Murder Conviction for Hollywood Slaying
A judge sentenced a Los Angeles man to life in prison for his role in a 2015 murder. Jurors convicted Ezeoma Chigozie Obioha of the shotgun slaying of Carrie Melvin on a Hollywood street.

According to prosecutors, Obioha made romantic advances toward Melvin, which she rebuffed. In addition, Melvin filed a legal complaint against Obioha, claiming that he owed her $1,000 for work she had performed for Obioha’s business. Prosecutors allege that Obioha shot Melvin in the face as she and her boyfriend entered a local restaurant.

Following the murder, a boy playing on the beach found a shotgun and a shotgun shell that matched the shell casing found at the scene of the murder. The shell found on the beach and the shell found at the scene bore the same unusual head stamp.

Police investigators discovered that a check that Obioha wrote to Melvin prior to the murder did not clear. Later, Obioha’s family provided a receipt for a cash payment in the amount of $1,740, however the District Attorney’s office disputed the veracity of the documentation because the disputed receipt was out of chronological order. In addition, the family turned over the receipt well after Obioha’s arrest.

Obioha acknowledged that the gun belonged to him, but gave conflicting stories about what happened to the weapon. Initially, Obioha claimed that the gun was stolen. Later he said that Melvin’s boyfriend took the gun in an elaborate ruse to frame him for her murder. Later, he also claimed that the gun had been planted on the beach by a photographer who was hoping to cash in on the case’s notoriety.

Following the trial, the Judge sentenced Obioha to life in prison without the potential for parole, partially because he committed the murder for financial gain. His attorneys plan to appeal the jury’s verdict.

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