Murder Charges in Crime Spree
Murder Charges in Crime Spree
A 32-year-old man with ties to the Glendale area has been arrested and charged with murder in the December 30 shooting death of Adan Corea-Santillana of Winnetka. Artyom Gasparyan is also charged with 11 counts of attempted murder, five counts of second-degree robbery, two counts of carjacking, two counts of fleeing police while driving recklessly, two weapons charges and hit and run resulting in injury.

Murder, 11 attempted murders

Gasparyan is believed to have been involved in a deadly, violent crime spree that lasted for nearly 4 weeks in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Police in Burbank initially identified Gasparyan as a suspect in the unmotivated shooting of a Burbank homeowner in early December. Gasparyan eluded police and moved to Long Beach, Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Gasparyan’s crime spree ended when Los Angeles police officers shot him on the I-5, after he entered the freeway traveling the wrong way in an attempt to escape. He has been arraigned on all charges, but prosecutors have not yet determined whether they will seek the death penalty.

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The penalties for first-degree murder in California are severe. If convicted, you could receive the death penalty, or lifetime imprisonment with or without parole. Certain felony convictions, like murder, are also considered Three Strikes Law offenses, and can produce a life sentence as a habitual offender if you’re convicted of less serious felony offenses in the future. You may already have accumulated one or more “three strikes” convictions, so avoiding additional convictions is important.

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