Murder Charges For 3 In Downey Shooting
Murder Charges For 3 In Downey Shooting
Two adults and a juvenile have been arrested in the murder of a Downey police officer. Abel Diaz, 16, Jeremy Alvarez, 21, and Steven Knott, 18 were arrested last week and are believed to be responsible for the shooting death of Ricardo Galvez, 29, a Downey police officer.

Murder the result of a botched robbery

According to police, Galvez was sitting in his car near the police station after having attended a training event when the trio approached and attempted to rob him. Galvez was not in uniform at the time, and the trio has admitted to the armed robbery attempt. After Galvez was shot, the trio fled in a Nissan owned by the girlfriend of one of the men arrested for the murder. Police stopped the car and arrested one man at the time. The other two fled the area, but were both arrested several hours after the incident. The murder weapon, a revolver, has been recovered.

Diaz is being tried as an adult, and is currently being held on a $1 million bond. He was arraigned Friday on murder charges.

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Murder charges in California can lead to the death penalty, or life in prison with or without parole. In Diaz’ case, he faces the possibility of a life sentence. Since he is a juvenile, he is not eligible for the death penalty. In addition to lengthy prison terms, murder is a Three Strikes Law offense, which can lead to lifetime incarceration on multiple convictions.

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