Murder charges await mother, boyfriend in child's death
Murder charges await mother, boyfriend in child’s death
A woman and her boyfriend will face murder charges in the death of a 9-year-old girl. Workers found the body of the girl stuffed into a duffel bag in Hacienda Heights.

Authorities extradited the girl’s mother from Texas to face charges here. They arrested the woman’s boyfriend earlier. According to police, the child died on or around March 1. Authorities in Texas stopped the couple at a border crossing March 8 and arrested the mother on an outstanding warrant. The boyfriend was allowed to continue driving to California. Authorities arrested him in a parking lot in San Diego on March 9. Following his arrest, prosecutors in Los Angeles charged him with one count of murder. He has a prior conviction for child abuse dating back to 2005. The mother also has a prior conviction from 2016 for enticing a minor into prostitution.

According to investigators, the couple and the child had moved from Long Beach about 10 months ago. The family had been living in motels and in their car just prior to the child’s death. If convicted, the mother and her boyfriend face as much as life in prison.

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