Murder Charge Results from South LA Cold Case
Murder Charge Results from South LA Cold Case
A man faces murder charges in the 1977 death of a South Los Angeles woman. Police arrested a man last month after DNA recovered from the crime scene identified him as the prime suspect.

The man allegedly broke into the woman’s home, sexually assaulted her in front of her two young sons and stabbed her in the neck. The woman died from her injuries. Police say the motive for the assault also included robbery.

Cold-case detectives in LA used a fingerprint found at the scene and additional DNA evidence to identity the assailant, who is now 60 years old. The District Attorney’s Office will pursue murder charges against the suspect but has not yet determined whether to seek the death penalty. The statute of limitations has expired on the rape and robbery counts.

Detectives submitted a fingerprint found at the scene to a crime database for possible identification. The database produced a match, and detectives then collected a DNA sample from some disposable dining ware the suspect used. Then, they matched DNA from the crime scene to the suspect’s DNA on the discarded utensil. Once again, lab analysis produced a match.

The suspect returns to court at the end of May for arraignment. The District Attorney’s Office has not indicated whether it will call the victim’s children as witnesses during the trial.

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