Murder charge for Covina parolee
Murder charge for Covina parolee
A man on parole has been charged with murder in the shooting deaths of two women in the suspect’s Covina home. In the assault, a toddler was also seriously injured.

Lucas Fick, 36, of Covina knocked on a neighbor’s door as he held the injured child in his arms. He asked the neighbor to call for help, saying that “something bad had happened.” When police arrived, they searched Fick’s home and found the bodies of two women, who had been shot. The women were later identified as Lynda Fick, the suspect’s mother, and Nicole Biewener, 23, the mother of the injured child. The child, who is not related to Fick, had been shot in the back, and was seriously injured.

Fick was initially booked on a parole violation, and on weapons charges, but was later charged in the deaths of the women, and the attempted murder of the child. Fick’s previous conviction history included several weapons charges, assault, drug possession, witness intimidation and theft.

He was held without bail on the parole and weapons charges. He is due in court today to face additional charges in the incident.

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