Grand Theft Felonies For Montebello Woman
Grand Theft Felonies For Montebello Woman
A Montebello woman was charged with three felony counts, including theft, identity theft and commercial burglary after a homeowner observed her attempting to taking packages from the porch of a home in Alhambra. The homeowner also videotaped a confrontation with her.

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The woman left the scene of the attempted theft, and checked into a motel in Rosemead, using a stolen identity. If convicted she faces more than four years in prison and a $90,000 fine.

The California Penal Code defines “grand theft” as the unlawful taking of money, labor or property valued in excess of $950, with the intent to steal. Certain other actions are defined as grand theft, even though the value of the stolen property may or may not exceed $950. For example, the taking of property directly off the owner, automobile theft and the theft of a firearm are all defined as grand theft, without regard to the value of the property.

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