Medical marijuana cultivation in CA at risk
Medical marijuana cultivation in CA at risk
California cities are moving to amend their medical marijuana ordinances to specifically prohibit medical marijuana cultivation. Officials in many California cities say that new state laws that take effect March 1, 2016 will limit their ability to ban marijuana cultivation.

Medical marijuana cultivation an ordinance target

When the new laws take effect, the State of California’s Department of Agriculture will become the only entity with licensing authority over the cultivation of medical marijuana. Local ordinances on the books on March 1 will still be observed by the Department of Agriculture, so municipalities are racing to update their local medical marijuana ordinances to include a prohibition on medical marijuana cultivation.

Some state lawmakers are attempting to pass new legislation that removes the March 1 deadline for municipalities to act. If that language is approved, cities would retain the right to modify local ordinances governing the cultivation of medical marijuana. Currently, about one-third of California cities have enacted a ban on medical marijuana cultivation.

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