LAUSD Antitrust Probe Still Quiet
LAUSD Antitrust Probe Still Quiet
A federal grand jury probe in to antitrust violations by the Los Angeles Unified School District has not yet produced any indictments. The grand jury probe arose from an FBI investigation into allegations of bid-rigging involving the district’s contract to purchase of Apple iPads and software from Pearson in 2013.

The LAUSD developed plans for a 1:1 tablet purchase for all students and teachers in the LAUSD, as part of a $1.3 billion Common Core Technology Program. The results of the district’s bidding process were called into question following a release of emails from former superintendent John Deasy and a district employee, Jaime Aquino, which showed that the pair had significant communications with Apple and Pearson during the bidding process. Apple and Pearson were later awarded high-dollar contracts under the program.

Following disclosure of the emails, Deasy cancelled the contracts and said he was going to re-open the bidding to ensure fairness in the bidding and to keep the program intact. Under pressure, Deasy resigned in October 2014, as the program encountered significant technical challenges and increasing scrutiny from law enforcement, including the FBI.

Federal grand jury probes are conducted in secrecy, and the grand jury investigations are required by law to remain sealed until an indictment is issued. If the grand jury does not issue an indictment, the findings remain sealed. Late last year and in the early part of 2016, there was some indication by the LAUSD that they anticipated legal action as the result of the grand jury probe, but to date, no indictments have been issued.

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