LAPD Arrests Man Impersonating A Police Officer
LAPD Arrests Man Impersonating A Police Officer
The Los Angeles Police Department arrested an Anaheim man on Tuesday on suspicion of impersonating a police officer. The suspect, Joseph Christopher Moore, 39, was identified following a weeks-long investigation of complaints by at least two Hollywood area women that Moore fondled the women while impersonating a police officer.

Sexual Assault Alleged Motive For Impersonating a Police Officer

According to police, Moore approached a woman on DeLongpre Avenue who was searching for her keys. Moore produced a fake badge and asked to search her. While he was patting her down, he allegedly fondled the woman, then produced a handgun and pointed it at her, threatening to shoot her. He fled the area, and the woman reported the incident to police.

Days later, while again impersonating a police officer, Moore accosted another woman on Kingsley, saying that her vehicle registration was expired. He asked her to open the trunk of her car, and then told her to stand against a wall. He fondled her while searching her. He then fled the area. Because Moore produced a weapon while impersonating a police officer, the LAPD considered Moore to pose a significant danger to the community. Moore was spotted on surveillance videotape in the area of the alleged incidents. Armed with a clear photograph of the suspect, police solicited assistance from the public in identifying the individual who was allegedly impersonating a police officer.

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