LA Criminal Defense Attorney on Internet Sex Crimes
LA Criminal Defense Attorney on Internet Sex Crimes
A Torrance, CA man was recently handed a 57-month federal sentence for obstructing a sex trafficking probe. The Internet sex crimes conviction and sentence are unique in that the case represents the first time the federal government has prosecuted a “john” in a teen sex-trafficking case in Los Angeles, and it is only the second such prosecution nationwide.

Internet sex crimes can be prosecuted at the state level

In this case, the prosecution of these Internet sex crimes was handled by the US Attorney’s Office, however, it signals a shift in the approach that local prosecutors are taking to combat sex trafficking, particularly cases involving minors. By going after the john, prosecutors are hoping to send a strong, dissuasive message to other prospective “customers.”

The convicted man, who was a court videographer, met the victim online. He published sexually explicit images of the trafficked teen to solicit sex from other minors. The teen’s father saw the images and contacted the Long Beach Police Department, fearing that his daughter was involved in prostitution. The man eventually admitted lying to agents about his relationship with the teen.

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Being convicted of a sex crime (even one that is committed via the Internet) means that you must register as a sex offender. Such a conviction can also count against you in terms of California’s three strikes law.

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