LA controller ponders airport bid rigging
LA controller ponders airport bid rigging
An audit conducted by a consultant for the City of Los Angeles controller’s office suggests that hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts related to construction projects at the Los Angeles International Airport are suggestive of a problem. Although the report stopped short of using the term bid rigging, the report did suggest that the lack of competitive bids indicates that the city’s bidding process must be reformed.

On bid rigging charges, you need a skilled antitrust attorney

The audit notes that although city policy requires at least three competitive bids on a public project, nearly one-third of contracts had only two bids and about the same number had just one bid. Bid rigging is considered a criminal violation of the federal antitrust statutes. The consultant’s reports also noted that some of the single-bid contracts were the result of the Federal Aviation Administration’s policy of approving only one vendor for certain services.

Antitrust statutes, including bid rigging, are among the most complex federal statutes on the books. They can involve civil infractions, criminal infractions or both. A complication of a federal anti-trust action is that the federal government prefers to prosecute cases that have the highest probability of a conviction. In part, this is because federal prosecutions are expensive. In part, it’s because the federal government doesn’t like to lose!

That’s why you need an experienced anti-trust lawyer who understands a bid rigging allegation, and can create an aggressive, effective defense strategy. Federal prosecutions for bid rigging can be devastating, and despite what you may have heard about federal incarceration, prison is prison. It’s a loss of your freedom, and it can be just as long and difficult as any other type of incarceration.

The odds are definitely against you when you’re being prosecuted by the federal government on antitrust violations like bid rigging, and you need an aggressive, committed anti-trust attorney who truly understands federal prosecutions. Robert Helfend is a federal criminal defense attorney based in the Los Angeles area, but he can (and will) practice in any federal courtroom in the country. He handles every case personally, and he has a demonstrated history of successful defense in federal courts.

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