Journalist faces 7 years in LA Times hacking case
Journalist faces 7 years in LA Times hacking case
A former employee of KTXL Fox 40 is facing a 7-year sentence after having been convicted of hacking, by providing a valid user name and password for the content management system of the Los Angeles Times in a public chatroom. Matthew Keys, who left the station in late 2010, provided valid credentials to Anonymous users, who defaced an article for almost an hour. He also sent angry emails to the station’s viewers. KTXL Fox 40 and the Los Angeles Times are both owned by the Tribune Company.

Hacking conviction may also involve restitution

In addition to a term of 7 years for hacking, Keys may also face a restitution sentence of as much as $250,000. While the newspaper says that its actual cost of addressing the hacking incident was limited to a few thousand dollars, its lawyers argue that Keys should be held responsible for the much larger cost of the company’s technical response, which included a major upgrade of the newspaper’s content management system.

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