Identity theft convictions for fake Rolling Hills Estates engineers
Identity theft convictions for fake Rolling Hills Estates engineers
Two men who posed as licensed civil engineers could spend 140-170 years in prison for identity theft, forgery and grand theft.

The men waived their rights to a jury trial, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench heard the case. Prosecutors alleged that the men forged the signature of an owner of Palos Verdes Engineering in Rolling Hills Estates. The pair created drawings and used the owner’s engineering seals to submit engineering plans and reports for structures being built. The men worked for the firm at one time, but were operating a side business using the company’s credentials.

The victim discovered the fraud in 2014 and reported the matter to police. The pair fled the area, but prosecutors filed criminal charges against the men in 2017. Currently, nothing indicates that the forged drawings compromised any structures or created any defects. The fraud impacted dozens of projects in the area.

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