ice-t-01Ice T’s grandson, 19-year-old Elyjah Marrow was recently arrested by Marietta police on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter. Police arrived at Marrow’s apartment soon after someone from the residence called 911 to report a shooting victim.

The shooting victim, 19-year-old Daryus Johnson, was taken to the hospital following the incident but was pronounced dead later that evening.

Police say Marrow and Johnson shared an apartment in the Marietta area. According to reports, the two young men were “tinkering” with a handgun when it accidentally went off, shooting Johnson. Marrow has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm, all of which are classified as felonies. In addition to this already long list of felony charges, Marrow also faces a single misdemeanor count of reckless conduct.

Marrow was not using proper firearms safety when handling the gun,” Marietta Police Officer David Baldwin told the Marietta Daly Journal. “That reckless handling of the firearm is what led to Johnson being accidentally shot and eventually killed.”

Marrow is currently being held in Cobb County Jail without bail. His father expressed shock and disbelief regarding the charges faced by Marrow.

Ice T, rapper, singer, and actor, made headlines in 2012 during an outspoken interview in the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Aurora movie theaters which left 12 people dead and many more injured.

I’ll give up my gun when everybody else does … if there were guns here, would you want to be the only one without one?” he said when asked about his personal views on gun laws following the tragic 2012 Aurora shooting incident.

Although his song lyrics would suggest otherwise, Ice T lived a seemingly normal life while growing up as an adolescent in Los Angeles, avoiding drugs, alcohol, gangs, and criminal behavior in general. He had several run-ins with the law, but friends and family members say he was a mild-mannered kid who was passionate about his music career. Ice T’s life took a turn in a different direction, however, at the age of 16, leading to numerous arrests and charges, including an Away Without Leave (AWOL) charge by the U.S. army.

Ice T has not made any public statements regarding his grandson’s arrest. It’s unknown if Marrow has sought legal representation as of yet.

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