Forcible Rape, Human Trafficking Charges
Forcible Rape, Human Trafficking Charges
Two Long Beach men have been arrested and charged with multiple counts offorcible rape of a child over 14 human trafficking, kidnapping and weapons offenses. Bobby Joe King and James Mark are accused of raping a woman and two 15 year old girls, and forcing them to work as prostitutes in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Two gang members accused of rape and human trafficking

According to prosecutors, King met the adult woman online. At the time they met in person, King raped the woman and forced her to get a tattoo of his name on her body. Mark also attempted to get the woman to work for him as a prostitute. King is also accused of kidnapping and raping a teenage girl, after encountering her in a park. King also forced the girl to work as a prostitute. King and Mark are jointly accused of human trafficking a second teenage girl in the Los Angeles area. Both King and Mark are known gang members and have a history of convictions for weapons offenses, gang-related activities and drug offenses.

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