Hawthorne Identity Theft Suspect Busted
Hawthorne Identity Theft Suspect Busted
A Hawthorne man with a known history of identity theft was arrested in Vacaville, CA following a routine traffic stop there in which the man provided a counterfeit California driver license. A search of the vehicle also turned up methamphetamine. Police were unable to determine the driver’s identity, so they used the fingerprint scanner in their vehicle.

Identity Theft, drug possession charges

The fingerprint scanner identified the man as Darnell Thompson, 27. Thompson had an extensive history of criminal activity, including identity theft. Police arrested Thompson and he was later charged with mail theft, burglary, fraud, false impersonation, possession of stolen property, burglary tools, methamphetamine possession, drug paraphernalia possession and a probation violation.

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Photo Credit: Bensik Imeri, via FreeImages.com

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