Grand theft for stolen mirrors
Grand theft for stolen mirrors
Four Los Angeles area teenagers were arrested and charged with grand theft in connection with the thefts of nearly 100 automobile side-view mirrors. Police in Manhattan Beach arrested Marissa Cardoso, 19, Kevin Martinez, 18, Abraham Negrete, 18, and Juan Villalvazo, 19 during an early morning traffic stop there.
Police in Redondo Beach, El Segundo and Torrance were also investigating a spate of incidents in the their communities in the days immediately before the teens’ arrests. According to police, the teens intended to sell the stolen parts.

Aggressive grand theft lawyer

If you’ve been accused of grand theft, embezzlement or fraud, an experienced theft lawyer can help. Under California law, grand theft is the taking of any property valued in excess of $950. Other incidents can also be charged under the State’s grand theft statutes, regardless of the value of the property taken. For example, stealing a car or a gun is charged under this law, but does not depend upon the value of the property. Removing property directly from a person is also considered a violation of this statute. If you’re accused of taking a necklace or ring directly from a person, you can be charged under this element of the California Penal Code, even if the value of the property doesn’t exceed $950.

Consequences for a conviction depend upon the facts of the case, whether or not other crimes were also committed at the time, and the dollar value of the property taken. You may also face additional three strikes charges, if you have a prior California criminal history.

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