Fraud plea from San Gabriel attorney
Fraud plea from San Gabriel attorney
An El Monte attorney pleaded guilty to immigration fraud in federal court. Prosecutors alleged that she made more than $50 million by selling temporary green cards to foreign nationals. The attorney pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud an international money laundering.

The woman ran the California Investment Immigration Fund in San Gabriel with her father. The pair took advantage of a federal program that provides permanent green cards to foreigners. Under the program rules, foreigners must invest $500,000 into a US-based business and create 10 new jobs. In return, they become eligible to apply for permanent residency in the US.

The attorney submitted falsified applications on behalf of Chinese nationals. Some of the applicants were on China’s “100 Most Wanted” list for bribery and other crimes. In some cases, the attorney refunded the $500,000. She also used the money to buy California properties. As part of the plea agreement, the attorney has forfeited eight properties, and will also soon relinquish a ninth.

According to federal authorities, none of the “investors” were able to secure permanent residence in the United States because authorities intervened on the scheme before anyone received a green card.

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