Fraud Charges for fake medical billing
Fraud charges for fake medical billing
More than 300 healthcare providers nationwide, including several from Los Angeles and Southern California were indicted last week on federal fraud charges related to phony Medicare and Tricare military insurance billings.

Among those facing charges are a Palmdale pharmacist and an Encino physician. Many of the charges relate to a kickback scheme that allowed people to earn “commissions” for referrals to fraudulent medical practices and prescription sales. Local providers charged in the scheme allegedly submitted more than $125 million in fraudulent billings to publicly funded health care programs.

An experienced Los Angeles fraud attorney

Many different actions can result in fraud charges in California. If you’re arrested, you need an experienced Los Angeles fraud attorney who will fight aggressively on your behalf.

Activities like using another person’s credit card, making a duplicate copy of a credit card, writing bad checks and using another person’s identity are all illegal. Tax evasion is another kind of crime. Investing, insider trading, fake insurance billings and fake workers’ compensation claims are also considered fraudulent activities.

But here’s an interesting catch. You don’t have to succeed to be charged. You can be charged with fraudulent behavior and convicted if you simply intended to defraud someone.

This is a financial crime, and people who defraud others are rarely violent offenders. While the courts and the prosecutor have a duty to incarcerate violent criminals, most non-violent offenders don’t belong in prison. They’re the ideal candidates for alternative sentences that allow the offender to make restitution, rather than spend useless time in prison and waste the State’s precious correctional dollars.

Don’t risk your freedom working with an inexperienced attorney who doesn’t understand how to work with prosecutors to avoid incarceration. Work with an experienced fraud lawyer like Robert Helfend.

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