Fraud Charges Await Manafort Son-In-Law
Fraud Charges Await Manafort Son-In-Law
The former son-in-law of Paul Manafort faces fraud in Los Angeles federal District Court. Prosecutors accuse the West Hollywood man of inflating property values to get large loans from lenders. They also accuse him of collecting rent on property he did not own.

This is not the first time he has been in trouble with the law. He is currently awaiting sentencing on similar charges. The judge in the case has revoked his bond. The defendant pleaded guilty to earlier real estate fraud charges. He now faces new charges of identity theft and wire fraud.

Prosecutors say the new charges are very similar to the charges he pleaded guilty to. Some new charges involve some of the same victims from the first case. According to the latest federal complaint, the man took money from investors, and used the funds for his own expenses. In some cases, he used new investor funds to pay existing investors. The fraud unraveled when investors sought their money back. The man was unable to produce the funds, wrote bad checks or made phony wire transfers.

He will be sentenced in federal court on the initial charges in January. In those cases, he allegedly defrauded banks of more than $15 million in loans. He told the lenders that he would use the money to rehabilitate homes in Hollywood Hills. He then defaulted on the loans and attempted to stop the foreclosure through bankruptcy filings. The new charges involve about $6 million in investor losses and more than $500,000 in bounced checks.

The defendant and Manafort’s daughter, Jessica, divorced in 2017. He will remain jailed until his sentencing.

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