Embezzlement Trial for Pasadena Trio Begins
Embezzlement Trial for Pasadena Trio Begins
Two former Pasadena city employees and a contractor will stand trial for embezzlement. Prosecutors say that a former management analyst diverted city funds for a decade between 2003 and 2013.

The employee worked in the Department of Public Works, and created phony invoices. Auditors believe that the employee directed more than $2M to a contractor and $40,000 to a temporary employee. He allegedly pocketed an additional $4.5 million, and directed payments from the city’s underground utilities budget to at least two area churches.

Investigators discovered the misappropriation after firing the employee for what city officials termed unrelated personnel matters. Auditors discovered about 300 phony invoices that the employee authorized and the city paid over a decade.

According to published reports, the city’s insurance company settled with the city for $5 million. Officials say that is the maximum amount covered under the city’s policy. Since that time, the City conducted a comprehensive financial audit and has changed many of its accounting and control practices to discourage fraud. The city will also seek restitution for its remaining loss, estimated at about $1.5 million.

The employee faces more than 60 charges related to the case, including multiple counts of embezzlement, public crime, grand theft and filing false tax returns.

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