Embezzlement Suspect May Have Stolen $1.2M
Embezzlement Suspect May Have Stolen $1.2M
A volunteer treasurer at a Long Beach merchant seamen’s organization faces charges of embezzlement. Investigators discovered that the man, a Certified Public Accountant, may have transferred as much as $375,000 from the organization. In addition, investigators believe the same man stole $875,000 from a youth soccer league in Anaheim.

Authorities arrested the suspect, a 64-year-old Placentia man, on September 6. He appeared in court on September 21 for arraignment. He faces 175 counts of felony forgery and 14 counts of grand theft. He also faces special allegations of excessive taking exceeding $200,000 and white-collar crimes exceeding $500,000. If convicted on all counts, the man could face as much as 130 years in prison.

Prior to his arrest, the man worked full-time as a financial reporting officer at the Port of Long Beach. Investigators say that the man stole nearly $900,000 over a six-year-period from the youth soccer organization. He worked there in a volunteer capacity from 2008 to 2014. In addition, they claim the man took another $375,000 from the merchant marine organization between August 2008 and November 2015. Detectives say that they have not recovered any of the stolen funds. They believe he sent the money to acquaintances in Central America.

A bookkeeper at the youth soccer organization initially discovered the suspected thefts, after noting discrepancies in the organization’s accounting. She attempted to contact the accountant in late 2014 to arrange for an early payroll for the Thanksgiving holidays. The man did not respond, so she logged into the organization’s accounts and discovered that it could not make payroll.

Investigators say that from August 2008 until his resignation in 2014, the man forged checks from the soccer league. In addition to bankrupting the youth soccer league, the man also emptied the account of the merchant marine organization. The suspect remains jailed without bail in Orange County. He will return to court on October 9 for a pre-trial hearing.

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