Embezzlement Scheme Catches Three in Los Angeles
Embezzlement Scheme Catches Three in Los Angeles
Three former employees of a San Gabriel employment agency face charges of embezzlement. They face charges of misappropriation of public funds, embezzlement, grand theft and altering or falsifying a public document.

Authorities say the three worked for LA Works, also known as the San Gabriel Valley Human Services Consortium. LA Works used public funds to help unemployed area residents find jobs. According to investigators, the three men improperly billed Los Angeles County for more than $1M between 2009 and 2014. One of the accused is the agency’s former CEO. Investigators say he ordered employees to alter documents. The fraudulent documents made it appear as though the agency helped hundreds of area residents. The documents also allowed the company to meet performance goals set by the county. In reality, many of the people the agency “helped” already had jobs.

In addition, the CEO established a “bonus” program to benefit himself and his two co-conspirators. He retired in 2003 but convinced the agency board to retain him as a consultant. In that role, he received health insurance and performance incentives. The three men will return to court on May 31 for arraignment. If convicted, they face between 10-14 years in prison

Los Angeles Embezzlement Attorney

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