Embezzlement scam sends two LA men to prison
Embezzlement scam sends two LA men to prison
Two Los Angeles area men will spend time in prison for embezzlement. One man, from Tarzana, will spend nine years in state prison for his role in a luxury car subleasing and theft scam. His accomplice, from Hollywood, will spend four years in county jail.

According to prosecutors, the men persuaded investors to buy luxury vehicles with the intention of leasing them. Instead of leasing the vehicles, the men sold the cars to unsuspecting buyers, and kept the cash. Some individual investors who provided multiple cars lost as much as $750,000. The buyers never received the titles to the vehicles.

The men stole mostly luxury brands, including Bentleys, Maseratis, Mercedes Benz, Jaguars, BMWs and Rolls Royces. According to prosecutors, the men stole about 40 vehicles before police arrested them. Some of the cars remain missing. The scam operated for about two years, and resulted in the loss of about $3.2M. At the same time, police believe the men pocketed about $4M. Earlier this year, the men pleaded no contest to multiple counts of grand theft auto and grand theft by embezzlement.

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